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Research and Development

Our constant commitment to product innovation is the basic premise for strengthening our competitiveness.

Through Research it has been possible over the years to establish and qualify ourselves as partners of excellence, able to foresee market needs and to offer safer, more sustainable and better performing additives.

Since 2017 ACTIVA has launched two separate laboratories, one for Chemical Synthesis and one for Materials Testing, which operate in total synergy and represent the company’s flagship.

Our Chemical Synthesis Laboratory, led by technicians owing a know-how gained through more than twenty years of experience in the formulation of surfactants, is characterized by the presence of different types of instruments and equipment for conducting chemical reactions and for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the chemicals produced.

It employs chemists qualified in:

-process optimization;

-new technology development;

-technology scale-up;

-homologation of raw materials;

-production quality control.

Our Materials Testing Laboratory, staffed by highly specialised personnel, reproduces asphalt production processes, verifying and comparing the performance of different types of additives.

Chemical-physical and mechanical tests are carried out using advanced instruments and equipment and in full compliance with European and international standards.

Our staff also deals with:

-assistance to asphalt production plants;

-technical support to the commercial sector;

-development of new products;

-preparation of samples for commercial testing.


ACTIVALAB is a branch of ACTIVA, a materials testing laboratory able to carry out a wide range of analyses and checks using instruments and equipment. It works in close contact with customers granting rapid and reliable time of intervention, assisting companies throughout all phases from design to construction of road pavements.

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