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Per un Futuro Sostenibile

For a Sustainable Future

we apply technologies that transform row materials into asphalt additives applying the fundamentals of


" Environment is no one's property to destroy; it's everyone's responsibility to protect. " 
Cit. Mohith Agadi 

We chose Green Chemistry because:

From 2017 to date, we have supplied 2.287 tons of LowTherm 4G by producing 11,4 million tonnes of Warm-Mix Asphalt, contributing to:

- Energy Savings of 394.464 GJ
- Reduction in Emissions of 33.615 tons of CO

- 394.464 GJ

- 33.615 tons
   of CO

LowTherm 4G - Environmental Certification


Our company's mission is to respect the environment, applying the principles of Green Chemistry, optimising production processes and reducing the carbon footprint. This philosophy has led us towards achieving the EPD Environmental Certification, a (real) concrete and transparent demonstration of the sustainability of the products we offer on the market.

The Certification of our product LowTherm 4G has been thus achieved on the basis of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study and following an accurate verification of the correctness and congruity of the data and processes, carried out by an independent and accredited third part company. The Environmental Product Declaration, made public on The International EPD System portal, available to the national and foreign markets, certifies the compliance of the additive with the environmental standards established by competent international authorities.

Thanks to the Environmental Certification of LowTherm 4G, we give companies working in the road construction and maintenance sector the opportunity to operate while reducing their environmental impact, providing them with a tool that allows them to make conscious choices with a view to sustainability and respect for the planet. Choosing to use an additive whose environmental performance is known means preferring to safeguard the ecosystem by choosing a product with less environmental impact than others on the market.

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