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Warm Mix Asphalt Additives

Proven efficacy multifuncional additives that provides economic and environmental Benefits. Significantly improve the workability of bituminous mixtures, so much so that temperatures can be reduced by up to 50°C compared to those of an traditional hot mix asphalt; or, alternatively, to increase the hauling time up to 3 times longer. They are odourless, non-hazardous and non-toxic.
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Liquid additive that greatly improves workability of asphalt mixtures, it has 100% active adhesion and improves resistance to water damage, allowing a temperature reduction up to 40-50°C compared with conventional hot mix asphalt. Biodegradable, odorless and non-hazardous chemical.


Liquid additive that provides superior adhesion, exceptional resistance to water damage and improves workability by allowing temperature reduction up to 30-40°C compared with conventional hot mix asphalt. Biodegradable, odorless and non-hazardous chemical.

New generation additives: they act as Antistripping Agents and at the same time allow production and compaction at temperatures 30-50°C lower than an equivalent traditional hot mix asphalt.
They bring immediate cost savings by reducing the energy required to produce the asphalts and a significant environmental benefit by reducing CO
2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Reducing CO
2 emissions is an individual choice of environmental responsibility that allows each of us to take part in the fight against climate change. Companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint by using these additives have a real chance to reduce the environmental and climate impact of their business while helping the environment and improving people's health.
In December 2015, the governments of 190 countries pledged to limit the rise in global temperatures to below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels. However, this threshold imposes a limit on atmospheric emissions of only a certain amount of CO
2; this threshold is called the Carbon Budget, and what should be done to keep it below the threshold is a cut in global emissions for the entire 2020-2030 decade.

ACTIVA has contributed to the production of 13,1 million tonnes of warm-mix asphalt since 2017 and has not emitted more than 38.514 tonnes of CO2eq into the atmosphere.

Features & Benefits

Sustainability and Environmental Impact
  • Allows production at lower temperatures of 30-50°C.

  • Reduces CO2 emissions and energy consumption of asphalt plants.

  • Allows to increase the percentage of Reclaimed Asphalt.

  • Prevents overheating of aggregates when adding Reclaimed Asphalt.

  • It has an EPD Environmental Certification, proving compliance with environmental standards.

Improves Asphalt Mixtures Workability
  • Increases hauling time by up to 3 times compared to a conventional hot mix asphalt.

  • Allows paving even in extremely cold weather conditions.

  • Facilitates compaction by achieving optimum density with fewer roller passes.

Improves the Performance of Mixes and Extends Pavements Service Life
  • Reduces bitumen/aggregate surface tension by promoting bitumen adhesion to any type of aggregate even in the presence of moisture (Active Adhesion).

  • Creates a chemical adhesion between bitumen and aggregates, forming a film resistant to stripping (Passive Adhesion).

  • Delays bitumen oxidation.

Safe and Easy To Use
  • Liquid and pumpable at low temperatures.

  • Low use dosage.

  • Performance is maintained after long storage in hot bitumen.

  • Eliminates the risk of exposure to chemicals for paving and plant workers as it is odourless, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-hazardous to humans.

  • It can be handled and stored without special precautions; it is not regulated as a dangerous good for transport.

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