Hot Mix Asphalt - Activa Srl

An asphalt road paving consists of a combination of aggregates of different size and bitumen. They are produced in special plants by mixing the ingredients at a temperature of 160-180°C. They are then transported to the place of laying and applied by means of paver machines and compactor rollers at temperatures greater than or equal to 140°C.

Warm Mix Asphalt - Activa Srl

The term Warm Mix Asphalt refers to asphalt produced, laid and compacted at temperatures 30-50°C lower than those traditionally used. This brings multiple advantages: the asphalt is more workable and easier to compact, while at the same time reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Bitumen Emulsions - Activa Srl

Bitumen emulsions are widely used for both construction and maintenance of road pavements. They are used as a "tack coat" of asphalt layers, but especially to produce "cold asphalts" such as surface treatments and 100% "Reclaimed Asphalt" recycling.